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Something for the Heart / Algo para el corazón

Erich Fromm once suggested that not only the theory of love should be mastered but its practice as well: “The mastery of the art must be a matter of ultimate concern; there must be nothing else in the world more important than the art.” In view of the fact that there is nothing more important than to love, Deborah Hazler and Macarena Campbell investigate the phenomenon that is love – using their bodies, hearts and voices. A kind look, gentle sounds, tender touches and kisses may be all that is needed to connect with one another. This poetic work about intimacies takes a stand against the fear of unrequited romantic love and embraces a lighter variation of love: soft love, love that doesn’t hurt, love that embodies happiness and joy. An invitation to love, that is to say, love more, more generously and more passionately. Everything and anything that is directly in front of, next to or below us. For this beautiful moment, unfulfilled desire is disregarded.

Concept: Deborah Hazler
Development & performance: Macarena Campbell, Deborah Hazler
Costume & set design: Anke Philipp
Dramaturgy: Milan Loviška
Assistance: Rodrigo Chaverini, Camila Delgado

A co-production by Tanzquartier Wien and Angry Agnes Productions
With support from the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna, and the Universidad de Chile Facultad de Artes Departamento de Danza

Premiere: 28. - 30. March 2018, Tanzquartier Wien

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