Deborah Hazler About Performances

That Rant and Rave

It’s enough to drive you up the wall! Ranting, grumbling and shouting have been so mercilessly pushed into a corner that they were about to fall into oblivion, had it not been for an angry woman who dug her heels in and came to their rescue. This piece tells the whole story of her heroic deed: in top form (and a fake muscle power suit), Viennese performer Deborah Hazler brings the rant back to the stage. She protests vociferously against overpriced lifestyle organic bakeries, the exploitation of migrants, the fashionable term ‘authenticity’ and much more. A furor dance, a social anger sculpture and – a cleansing thunderstorm.

Concept and Performance: Deborah Hazler
Research: Nora Jacobs
Stage design: Dorothea Trappel
Costume design: Otto Krause
Coaching: Anna Mendelssohn
Dramaturgy: Milan Loviška

Co-production: Angry Agnes Productions and brut Wien
With kind support from the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna, and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport

Premiere: 24. - 27. October 2020, brut im V°T//Volx, Wien

Review (Der Standard)
Interview with Astrid Kaminski